Whitby ashburn progress on construction

Anyone recently visited the site of whitby Ashburn. They claimed to start construction in July 2022, I wonder how the homes are coming up ?

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Why is Immigration good for Canada?

Are you planning to immigrate to Canada? Great News! But, have you ever analyzed, **Why is Immigration good for Canada?** Let's understand why Canada welcomes more people and why it will keep doing so in the coming years. Immigration to Canada --------------------- **Immigration to Canada** has increased since the anti-immigration scandals and policies in the United States. Many immigrants are now choosing Canada as a place to start a new life. These have put the country on the world stage as an alternative place to live their dreams. Canada has always been a country that welcomes immigrants. But the United States' recent approach to immigration has led more immigrants to turn to Canada as an alternative. Why Immigration is good for Canadian Economy? --------------------------------------------- Read on as we explain why immigrants are beneficial to Canada's economy. 1\. Boost the Canadian Economy ------------------------------ The number of people working and paying taxes in every country is often the strength of its economy. Immigrants fill gaps in the labour force, pay taxes, and spend money on goods, housing, and transportation. The money helps in funding the country's public services. Canada needs qualified people to fill in various vacancies across its different provinces. Professionals or investors, whoever comes will be boosting the Canadian economy in one way or the other. 2\. Meet Labour Market Needs ---------------------------- Canada’s labour force has continued to grow every year due to immigrants. If it weren’t for immigrants, employers would have trouble finding enough qualified workers to fill available jobs. This is because Canadians are living longer and having fewer children. More people are also retiring, and there are fewer students in schools. These have limited the Canadian-born potential workers. Moreover, there has been an acute shortage of staff in a number of fields. So, the immigrants coming to Canada will help reduce this gap. 3\. Improve Health and Social services -------------------------------------- Many immigrants in Canada are young and economically active. They contribute more than they receive in benefits over their lifetime. According to reports, more than 335,000 immigrants work in health-related occupations. 20% of people as sports coaches in Canada are immigrants. One-third of people working in scientific research and development services are non-Canadians. Further, immigrant doctors, nurses, other staff, etc. can contribute in improving the stressed healthcare system in the country. However, this is possible after attaining the necessary qualification and experience. 4\. Sustain Canada's Education System ------------------------------------- International students contribute more than $21 billion to the Canadian economy every year. These include student spending and tuition. This is more than Canada’s exports of auto parts and lumber. International education is also an important pillar of Canada’s long-term competitiveness. More than 20% of all students enrolled in maths, computer, and information sciences programs are non-Canadians. Also, 15% of students enrolled in architecture, engineering, and related programs are international students. These expose Canadians to new cultures and ideas. It also stimulates innovation and develops cross-cultural competencies in the country. And, a number of these students stay on work permits or become Permanent Residents and then citizens. So, gradually they become a crucial part of the country's growth. 5\. Improve Trade Ties ---------------------- Many immigrants in Canada are entrepreneurial. They create jobs for Canadians and non-Canadians in all sectors of the country. These include construction, health care, retail trades, professional services, and many more. Immigrants have a desire to import goods from their home countries. They also export more because of their networks in their home countries. These broaden the variety of imports to export Canada, improving trade ties. Why Immigration is important for Canada? ---------------------------------------- Talking specifically, immigration is essential for the progress of a developed country like Canada. Here are the reasons to justify it. 1\. Support Ageing Population ----------------------------- The Canadian government uses the income tax paid by people working in Canada to support retired Canadians. Immigrants working in Canada have helped keep the economy growing and maintain its commitments to retired workers. Without immigrants, younger Canadians would pay more income tax per person. According to reports, 80% of working immigrants are under 45 years. This means they will have plenty of working years. These will also sustain the ageing Canadians 2\. Adjust to Canadian Society ------------------------------ The earnings of immigrants often match those of an average Canadian after a few years. These give them a sense of belonging. Some economic immigrants also catch up much more quickly within their first year. These make them more active in Canadian society, and many of them are members of social organizations. 3\. Real Estate Investment in Canada ------------------------------------ The great thing about investing in real estate in Canada is that it has no shortage of options. You can buy the property and manage it yourself. You can also take a hands-off approach and invest in a fund. Ultimately, you will find a method that fits your budget and schedule. Let’s look at the common ways to invest in real estate to know which ones might be best for you. ### Buy a House When you [**buy a home as new immigrant**](https://getnewhouse.ca/blog/can-new-immigrant-buy-house-in-canada/), you are putting your money in a long-term investment called _equity_. As your home increases in value, your equity increases. Also, you get a tax exemption for capital gain if you live there for most of the year. ### Buy Commercial Properties Investing in commercial property means buying and renting out space where people will work. Commercial property includes malls, shopping centres, industrial complexes, grocery stores, and offices. But it requires a large upfront investment. ### **Rent out Residential Properties** Becoming a landlord is not a bad idea as more Canadians are renting for long periods. As a property investor, you could rent out single-family homes, condos, apartments, duplexes, or even townhouses. These produce extra cash flow, and you could also benefit from the long-term appreciation of your property. **Real estate investment** could be a smart choice as an immigrant in Canada. You can also diversify your investments and create a solid stream of income till your retirement. You may also like to explore [**Best Place in Canada for Indian Immigrants**](https://getnewhouse.ca/blog/which-is-the-best-place-to-live-in-canada-for-indian-immigrants) Immigration in Canada --------------------- To conclude, we can say that immigrants contribute immensely to the Canadian economy. Not only do immigrants to Canada fill in the labour shortage gaps, but play a vital role in the country's progress.

Can you build concrete house in Canada?

The majority of homes in Canada are constructed of wood because they can easily withstand the humid conditions of the country and is highly resistant to pressure brought on by wind and snowfall. Additionally, it is very tough and highly resistant to both hot and cold temperatures. However, the idea of constructing an entire house out of wood seems strange in some other countries, and it is also less strong and durable than concrete. As a result, a lot of people, especially newcomers, want to know if concrete houses can be built there or not. So let's find out if you can construct a concrete house in Canada. ## Can you build concrete house in Canada? Yes, you can build concrete houses in Canada. As in the modern construction revolution, there is a high demand for building high-performance homes, so concrete is one of the best options available to people due to its durability and cost-saving features. In Canada concrete is growing in popularity as a result of its benefits for health, energy efficiency, design flexibility, noise resistance, and low maintenance. Some people combine wood with brick, concrete, and other materials to give the house a more upscale appearance. ## Pros and Cons of concrete houses in Canada **Pros** - Resistant to environmental exposure. - Resistant to fire. - Saves money on your electric bill and insurance policies. - Less maintenance and repair required. - Provides a variety of design options. **Cons** - Concrete houses are more expensive. - Concrete houses typically require a builder to possess more skill. - Concrete houses are challenging to remodel. - Material used in concrete houses in usually non-biodegradable. ## You can build concrete house in Canada Concrete homes are gradually gaining popularity in Canada as more people opt for environmentally friendly building methods. Additionally, concrete is used to construct most large structures, including skyscrapers, because it is more durable and offers a lot more advantages than wood.

Is construction completed in Park Place in Castlegar, BC, Canada?

The beautiful city of Castlegar, BC, Canada, eagerly awaits the completion of the highly anticipated Park Place condominium and townhouse community. As potential homeowners envision their future in this promising development, the question on everyone's lips is: "Has construction been completed in Park Place?" Let's explore the latest updates and discover what this remarkable project has in store for its future residents. ## Is construction completed in Park Place in Castlegar, BC, Canada? No, the construction of Park Place in Castlegar, BC, Canada is still underway. Situated at 600 24 Street, this modern development is a work in progress and is expected to be completed in 2024. The construction team is diligently working towards delivering a stunning community that will soon be ready for occupancy. ## What Park Place Offers to its Residents? Park Place is set to provide an array of benefits and features designed to enhance the quality of life for its residents. Let's delve into what this exciting development has to offer: **1. Modern Living Spaces:** Park Place offers a range of thoughtfully designed living spaces that blend style and functionality. Whether you're seeking a cozy retreat or a spacious haven, the units in Park Place cater to diverse preferences and lifestyles. From open-concept layouts to high-quality finishes, every detail is crafted to create an inviting and comfortable ambiance. **2. Prime Location:** Situated in the heart of Castlegar, Park Place enjoys a prime location with convenient access to amenities, parks, schools, and recreational facilities. Residents can immerse themselves in the vibrant community and easily explore all that the city has to offer. The desirable location adds value and convenience to the Park Place lifestyle. **3. Affordable Pricing:** Park Place aims to provide affordable homeownership options without compromising on quality. The price range for units in Park Place is between $425,900 and over $689,900, ensuring there is something for every budget. This makes it an attractive opportunity for those looking to invest in a new home without stretching their finances. **4. High-Quality Construction:** The developers of Park Place prioritize quality construction, ensuring that residents can enjoy a home that stands the test of time. From durable materials to skilled craftsmanship, the focus on excellence is evident throughout the development process. This commitment to quality ensures a comfortable and lasting living experience. ## Completion Status of Park Place in Castlegar, BC, Canada While construction is still ongoing, the completion of Park Place in Castlegar, BC, Canada is eagerly anticipated. Future residents can look forward to a modern living environment, a prime location, affordable pricing options, and high-quality construction. As the development progresses towards its expected completion in 2024, the dream of calling Park Place home draws closer for potential homeowners.

What are best fun activities in Toronto in Ontario in Canada for adults?

Are you a tourist in Canada or a resident looking to spend some quality time in the beautiful city of Toronto? Wondering, what are the best fun activities in Toronto in Ontario, Canada for adults? Let's grab few ideas to relax and spend your weekend or holidays in Toronto: ## Toronto: Capital of Ontario Toronto is the capital of Ontario, a big city with lots of things to do. It's a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. ## Best Fun Activities and Things in Toronto for Adults Here are some of the coolest things you can do in Toronto if you're looking for something fun and unique! ## 1. Walk along a boardwalk! One of the most fun things you can do in Toronto is to walk along a boardwalk. Whether you’re going to the beach and walking along the water, or whether you’re going to a park and walking around their boardwalk, there are so many different ways to enjoy this activity! It’s a great way for adults to get some exercise while having some fun too. ## 2. Toronto beaches! Toronto has a ton of beaches. It also has a lot of different types of beaches, so you can pick the one that's best for your needs. **Scarborough Bluffs -** A favorite of tourists, because it's close to downtown, but feels like you're way out in nature. The hike down is steep and strenuous, but worth it once you get there. There are amazing views of Lake Ontario and it's one of the only places where you can see the skyline from water level. There are also trails that lead to other beaches along the bluffs as well as access points at Woodbine Park or Pottery Road Park in Kew Beach Village. **Cherry Beach -** This beach is right next door to Woodbine Park which also has an amazing playground! It features tons of activities including volleyball courts, an outdoor swimming pool during summer months and even a skateboard park! It’s also got great sunsets! ## 3. Explore the CN Tower (rather than just go up it)! The CN Tower is a major landmark in Toronto. It's a 1,815 foot tower that offers an incredible view of the city from its peak. If you want to get up close and personal with this iconic structure, there are several ways to do it: 1. Take the glass floor elevator to the top. You can experience an even better view than what you'd have at ground level by taking this ride! 2. Check out the exhibits on your way down. There are interactive exhibits at each level of the tower that teach you more about how it was built and what goes on inside of it. 3. Eat at its restaurant or shop in its gift shop after your visit! ## 4. Check out a cool museum! Toronto has a handful of museums. Some are free, some you have to pay for. Some are interesting, some are boring. But they're all worth checking out if you want to learn more about the city's history and culture! **The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM)** is one of Toronto's biggest museums offering a bunch of cool interactive exhibits that explore everything from dinosaurs to ancient Egypt. You'll also find lots of artifacts from around the world that were donated by private collectors over the year. Everything from stuffed animals preserved in jars to old books written in languages you don't understand! ## 5. Go on a scavenger hunt! A scavenger hunt is a great way to have fun with friends, family and co-workers. You can also do it as an activity on your own, or in groups of any size. The idea is that you take on a task; in this case, you will be given a list of items to find throughout the city (or wherever you're playing the game). You then have to go out into public places like parks and malls and find those items before returning them to where they belong such as at a specific store or restaurant. There are plenty of places online where you can organize your own scavenger hunt. There are also many apps available that will help keep track of all participants' progress during the event. ## 6. Check out a film festival! A film festival is an event when a city hosts many films simultaneously. You can see different kinds of films, from documentaries to comedies to dramas, and each one will have something to offer you. There are many film festivals in Toronto! Some of them include: **Festival du Nouveau Cinema –** A French-language film festival focusing on emerging filmmakers **Cinepocalypse Film Festival –** A horror movie marathon with screenings at multiple venues across the city (you can even catch it at the Royal Ontario Museum) **Fantasia International Film Festival –** This festival showcases fantasy, science fiction and horror films from around the world There are also several other great festivals with different themes like animation or comedy. Not only this, you can enjoy international fests like Toronto’s own Hot Docs that focus on documentaries. Be sure to check out TIFF Kids if you have kids because they put on special events for families during their run! ## 7. Explore the Cultural Stuff Toronto is the cultural capital of Ontario, Canada. There are many museums, galleries and festivals you could visit. **Museums:** As discussed above, The **Royal Ontario Museum (ROM)** has permanent exhibits about dinosaurs, animals from around the world and Canada's First Peoples. It also has special exhibitions like an exhibit on mummies coming in 2020. **The Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art** focuses on ceramics from different cultures around the world, including Japan and South America. **The Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO)** has paintings from many different artists from all over history. It is a great place to learn about art while you're there! **Galleries:** Toronto has lots of art galleries too! Some examples include **McMichael Canadian Art Collection** which features works by members of Group of Seven; **National Ballet School Gallery** which showcases contemporary dance by local artists. You can alos visit the **Space gallery** that hosts shows and group exhibitions featuring work by emerging artists. ## Best Fun Activities in Toronto for Adults Toronto is a great city to visit and there are numerous fun things to do here. So, what are you waiting for? Don't miss to explore the beauty and cultural diversity in the city. If you’re visiting, don’t just focus on the CN Tower, Harbourfront Centre and the soaring skyscrapers. There are plenty of other activities available for adults! Enjoy your day and look for other exciting attractions in Toronto and nearby cities.

What to look for when buying land in Ontario, Canada?

Purchasing property anywhere is a challenging agreement, and Ontario is no exception. It's very easy to make a commitment you later regret if you don't recognize the specifics of buying a piece of land. ## Features of Buying Land in Ontario _**Let us list out the most important features to consider while purchasing the land in Ontario**_ ### 1. Area The first and most important evaluation when purchasing land is the location. Conduct research on potential locations based on your requirements. Do your own research on the basis of safety, transit options, and anything else that may influence your decision. When you've decided, try and contact local developers or search the web for high priority land exchanges and transactions. If you have any questions about ownership in Ontario, you can contact one of the many land registry offices. ### 2. Type of Land The type of land or plot you buy is determined according to what you intend to build. You should also consider whether it is suitable for construction. Some plots may be categorized for specific purposes only, while others may be flood plains. Make sure you buy the land knowing you can construct the structure you want without regard for development control or committee rules. ### 3. Location The location of your home is significantly vital. You should consider living conditions such as transportation, convenience, schools, parks, and anything else you may require. ### 4. Access Building a private road extension or driveway to access your property on raw land or land that does not have existing road access may necessitate going through the property of another privately-owned and you could also think about paving an existing gravel road. Having gas, phone, and power lines run to your house can be expensive. ### 5. Taxes A land transfer tax has to be paid when purchasing land or property in Ontario. The price of your property will influence the value. The percentages range from 0.5% to 2.5%. The taxes can be compensated in 2, 6, or 11 installments throughout the year. If you buy vacant land for residential purposes, you do not have to pay Harmonized Sales Tax (HST). If you intend to develop commercial properties, you must pay HST ## How to Finance the Purchase of Land in Ontario ? _These are the following points to consider while doing financing for the Purchase of Land _ ### 1. Financing from the Seller Seller financing, also known as owner financing, occurs when the land's seller acts as a lender. You will purchase the land from them with a down payment and then make loan payments to the seller in the same way that you would make loan repayments to a bank. ### 2. Loans for Land In Ontario, you can obtain private financing to purchase land. Vacant and raw land is risky for a lender because you are not directly attached to the land, unlike a residential mortgage, where you may lose your home if you fail to make your mortgage payments. Depending on the type of land, a down payment of at least 30% to 50% is required. You may also discover [Best Land Loan Options in Canada](https://getnewhouse.ca/blog/land-loan-options-in-canada-best) ### 3. Personal Loans and HELOCs Depending on the size of the transaction, you may choose to pay for the land with cash, a personal loan, a HELOC, or a combination of these methods. If you already own a home, you can borrow money to buy the land using a home equity line of credit. ## Buying Land in Ontario, Canada If you have a down payment, buying land in Ontario is not complicated. The value will vary, so make sure you're investing in land that will give you a return on your investments. You must take into account all of the factors listed above. It's also important to remember that the cost to you will include not only the land, but also property taxes, utilities, and other expenses.

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