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Pre-construction Condos vs. Resale: Which is better investment in GTA, Ontario?

Are you thinking of buying a new home in Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Ontario, or any place in Canada

What it means when a home is listed for 1$ in Canada?

When a house is listed for only $1 in Canada, it's a way to grab the attention of more buyers. This can lead to higher competition and a higher selling price of the listed property.

Home Inspection Tips for First Time Homebuyers - Red Flags to Look for!

The potential red flags to look for during a home inspection include roofing issues, foundation problems, electrical and plumbing problems, pest infestations, HVAC problems, and structural issues. Identifying these issues early can help avoid costly repairs and ensure an informed decision when purchasing a home.

Things To Know Before Buying Pre-construction Condo In GTA, Canada

Are you planning to buy a Condominium in the Greater Toronto Area, Canada? Here we discuss few impor

Top 10 Largest Real Estate Companies in Canada

Are you interested in learning more about the real estate topics? Here we will be highlighting the *

10 Steps to Build a Successful Home Renovation Business in Canada

Let's explore important steps for a thriving home renovation business in Canada, from market research to quality service, ensuring success and credibility. We have covered the main points to get you started in the renovation business.

20 Real Estate Terms in Canada - List for Canadian Home Buyers, Sellers & Agents

Being familiar with real estate terms specific to Canada is crucial for home buyers, sellers and agents in order to make informed decisions. Understanding terms like CMHC, ARV, LTV, Cap Rate, GDS, TDS, JT, TIC, CMA, APS, and others will help you evaluate properties, understand the mortgage process, and negotiate the terms of a sale etc.

Best Land Loan Options in Canada 2023

In Canada, there are various land loan options available for individuals looking to purchase land. These include raw land loans, agricultural land loans, and land development loans. Raw land loans are for undeveloped land, while agricultural land loans are for farmland. Land development loans are for individuals looking to develop the land for commercial or residential purposes.

5 Best Handyman Services Apps in Canada 2023

If you're looking for help with home repairs and improvements, there are many handyman services apps available in Canada. These apps connect you with local professionals who can assist you with tasks such as furniture assembly, home cleaning, and home repairs.

What does Higher Interest mean for Housing Market in Canada?

You might be hearing and reading a lot about the increased benchmark interest rates by Bank of Canad

Is New Construction a Good Investment Property in Ontario, Canada?

When talking about getting a house or property as a newbie buyer or investor, many alternatives are

Top 10 Best Cities to Live in Ontario, Canada

Are you thinking of moving to the Province of Ontario in Canada? Wondering, which city to move and s

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