When is Newbrook in Newcastle project geting ready?

Newbrook is a new housing development in the Durham Region of Ontario, that everyone's talking about. Because the project has everything from townhouses to single-family homes, and it seems like it's there to fulfill everyone's wish of having a dream home. So, if you're also thinking to buy a home there, you might want to know the time to move in. So, let's take a closer look and try to figure it when you can move here.

What is the construction Status of Newbrook?

Currently the Newbrook is under construction at Beaver Street South, Newcastle. The development is set to have a range of traditional and contemporary home designs, with units up to 3,300 square feet

What are the Expected Completion Date of Newbrook?

Currently, the Brookfield Residential has not made any official announcement related to the completion date for Newbrook. However, it is expected that the homes will be ready very soon. So, you don't worry, because as soon as the project will be completed we will update here, you can also keep an eye on the official website of the developers so that you don't miss any chance.

Completion Date of Newbrook in Newcastle

Although the construction start and completion dates are yet to be announced, but interested buyers can register for updates about the project's selling status. The Newbrook development is expected to be in high demand, and registering early will ensure that you are one of the first in line when sales begin.

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Are you considering investing in a housing project in London, Ontario? Look no further than Magnolia Fields. This captivating new development has been generating quite a buzz among investors and potential homeowners alike. But the question remains: Is Magnolia Fields truly a good housing project to invest in? Let's delve into the details and discover what sets this community apart and why it may be the ideal investment opportunity for you. ## Why should you consider Magnolia Fields as a promising investment opportunity? Firstly, the London housing market is thriving. With a burgeoning population and a low unemployment rate, the city has experienced a steady rise in home prices over recent years. One of the key draws of Magnolia Fields lies in its well-planned community. Residents can enjoy a host of amenities, including lush parks, inviting playgrounds, and scenic walking trails. Moreover, the development's advantageous location near schools, shopping districts, and restaurants makes it an enticing place to call home. This high desirability factor could potentially contribute to increased property values in the future. Another significant advantage of investing in Magnolia Fields is the newness of the development. The homes have been built to the latest standards, ensuring energy efficiency and contemporary design. These modern features are likely to attract buyers and potentially lead to higher resale values down the line. Let's now take a closer look at the pros and cons of investing in Magnolia Fields: ## Pros and Cons of investing in Magnolia Fields **Pros of Investing in Magnolia Fields** 1. **Strong London housing market**: Benefit from a thriving real estate market with rising home prices. 2. **Well-planned community with amenities**: Enjoy a plethora of amenities, including parks, playgrounds, and walking trails. 3. **Convenient location**: Experience the convenience of living near schools, shopping centers, and restaurants. 4. **New homes built to the latest standards**: Embrace energy-efficient living with contemporary, up-to-date housing options. **Cons of Investing in Magnolia Fields** 1. **New development, limited resale track record**: As a newly developed project, there is no established history of resale values. 2. **Higher-than-average home prices**: Be aware that home prices in Magnolia Fields may exceed the local average. 3. **Potential for construction noise and traffic during development**: Keep in mind that ongoing construction may lead to temporary inconveniences. ## Is Magnolia Fields in London, Ontario a Good Housing Project to Invest In? Indeed Magnolia Fields in London, Ontario is a good housing project to invest in because it presents an excellent opportunity for long-term investment in the thriving London housing market. With its well-planned community and modern, energy-efficient homes, this development holds significant potential. However, it's important to consider the lack of resale track record, the higher home prices, and the potential for construction-related disturbances. By carefully weighing these factors, you can make an informed decision regarding your investment in Magnolia Fields.

20 Real Estate Terms in Canada - List for Canadian Home Buyers, Sellers & Agents

Are you ready to conquer the Canadian real estate market, but feeling a bit daunted by the abundance of jargon and complexities? Don't worry, you're not alone! The real estate industry can be a minefield to navigate, but with the right knowledge, you'll be able to understand the ins and outs of the market and make informed decisions. So, whether you're a first-time home buyer, a seasoned seller, or a budding real estate agent don't let the jargon hold you back- let's unlock the secrets of the Canadian real estate market with the ultimate 20 real estate terms that you need to navigate the minefield of the Canadian real estate market and come out victorious. ## 20 Real Estate Terms in Canada - A Comprehensive List Knowing real estate terms is key to being a pro in the Canadian market. It's not just for first-time buyers or sellers; it's also for sellers and real estate agents who work here but are unaware of these terms. Because understanding the lingo is what sets you up for success here. For this reason, we have words ranging in complexity from simple words to complex terms. ## **20 Basic Real Estate Terms & Concepts to Know** So buckle up and let's dive in deep into the real estate world. ### **1. Amortization**: The length of time it will take to pay off a mortgage, calculated by dividing the total mortgage amount by the annual mortgage payments. It is the period over which the loan is planned to be paid off, usually in a range of 15-30 years. ### **2. Appraisal**: An evaluation of a property's value by a professional appraiser. Appraisals help to determine the fair market value of a property, which is used to help set a fair price for the property. ### **3. Closing Costs**: The expenses associated with purchasing a property, such as legal fees, land transfer taxes, and home inspection fees. These costs can add up to thousands of dollars and are typically paid at the time of closing. ### **4. Conditional Offer**: An offer to purchase a property that is contingent upon certain conditions being met, such as the successful completion of a home inspection. It means that the offer is made on the condition that certain things happen, such as financing or home inspection. ### **5. Equity**: The difference between the market value of a property and the outstanding balance on the mortgage. It is the portion of the property that the owner fully owns, and it increases over time as the mortgage is paid down and the property increases in value. ### **6. Fixed-Rate Mortgage**: A mortgage with an [interest rate](https://getnewhouse.ca/blog/what-does-higher-interest-mean-for-housing-market-in-canada) that stays the same for the entire term of the loan. It means that the interest rate will not change for the duration of the loan, providing predictability and stability for the borrower. ### **7. Home Inspection**: A comprehensive examination of a property's condition by a professional home inspector. Home inspection is an important step in the home buying process, as it can help identify any potential issues or defects with the property. ### **8. Interest Rate**: The percentage at which the lender charges interest on a mortgage. It is the cost of borrowing money, and it can have a significant impact on the overall cost of the mortgage. ### **9. Land Transfer Tax**: A tax paid by the purchaser when a property is transferred from one owner to another. It is a government tax that is paid on the transfer of property ownership and varies by province. ### **10. Listing Agreement**: A contract between a property owner and a real estate agent that outlines the terms of the agency relationship. It outlines the services that the agent will provide, the length of the agreement, and the commission that will be paid to the agent. Also, know the truth behind a [home listed for 1$ in the [Canadian Housing Market](https://getnewhouse.ca/blog/what-it-means-when-home-listed-for-one-dollar-in-canada). ### **11. Mortgage Broker**: A professional who acts as an intermediary between borrowers and lenders to help them find the best mortgage product. They can help borrowers find the best mortgage rate and product that suits their needs. ### **12. Mortgage Pre-Approval**: A conditional commitment from a lender to provide a mortgage for a certain amount, subject to the buyer meeting certain conditions. It is a letter from a lender that states that you are pre-approved for a mortgage up to a certain amount, subject to certain conditions. ### **13. Multiple Listing Service (MLS)**: [MLS or Multiple Listing Service](https://getnewhouse.ca/article/what-is-mls-in-real-estate-canada) is a database of properties for sale by real estate agents. It is a system used by real estate agents to list properties for sale, and it is a valuable resource for buyers and sellers. ### **14. Power of Sale**: A legal process that allows a lender to sell a property in order to recover unpaid mortgage debt if the borrower defaults on the mortgage. It is a provision in the mortgage agreement that gives the lender the right to sell the property in case of default. ### **15. Property Condition Disclosure Statement**: A document that outlines any known issues or defects with a property. It is a statement provided by the seller that discloses any known issues or defects with the property. ### **16. Real Property Report (RPR)**: A legal document that shows the boundaries, dimensions, and location of a property, as well as any improvements or structures on the property. It is a detailed survey that shows the property's boundaries and any structures or improvements on the property. ### **17. Title Insurance**: Insurance that protects the buyer and the lender against any issues with the property's title or ownership. It protects against any hidden issues with the property's title, such as outstanding liens or encumbrances. ### **18. Underwriting**: The process of evaluating a mortgage application to determine whether to approve the loan and what terms to offer. It is the process used by lenders to evaluate a borrower's creditworthiness and ability to repay the loan. ### **19. Zoning**: Set of regulations established by local governments that determine how land can be used in a particular area, by dividing the municipality into different zones and regulating the development, density and allowed uses of the land. ### **20. Lease**: A lease is a legal agreement between a landlord and tenant outlining the terms and conditions of renting a property, including the rental amount, length of the lease and responsibilities of both parties. ## **20 Advanced Real Estate Terms & Concepts to Know** Now, let's get an idea on some of the advance terms used in the real estate industry. ## **1. ‘As Is’ clause** Let's learn about this real estate concept from both a seller's and a buyer's point of view. #### **For sellers** "As-Is" clause means property is sold in current condition, with no promises or guarantees from the seller. - It can be a quick and cost-effective option for sellers. - But, it also means that the buyer will have to take on any necessary repairs or renovations. - Legally required to disclose all issues with the property, including providing a detailed statement of condition, prepared by a professional, and based on an inspection. #### **For buyers** "As-Is" properties may come at a lower price, but they can also end up costing more if extensive repairs are needed. - It's crucial to do a thorough inspection of the property to reveal any potential issues. - Consider including a "subject to inspection" clause in the contract, which allows the buyer to back out if the inspection reveals more problems than initially disclosed by the seller. - Important to proceed with caution and have a solid team of professionals, including a real estate agent, home inspector, and attorney, to minimize the risk. For more details, refer [What does As-is clause mean in real estate?](https://getnewhouse.ca/article/what-does-as-is-where-clause-mean-real-estate-canada) ### **2. POA (Power of Attorney)** POA is a legal document that allows you to give authority to another trustworthy person(s) to manage your property or money on your behalf. - The person you appoint is called your attorney, and they do not have to be a lawyer. - It is required that a person be ‘mentally capable’ at the time of signing a POA for it to be valid. - Laws, requirements, and definitions of POA vary across provinces and territories in Canada. - Real Estate and POA In real estate, your attorney can manage buying or selling of real estate in your name, pay bills on your behalf, and even collect money owed to you, unless restricted to do so. Your attorney does not become the owner of your property, they can only manage it on your behalf. ### Types of POA - **General Power of attorney**: Allows your attorney to manage all or part of your finances and property only while you are mentally capable of managing your own affairs. Becomes invalid if you become mentally incapable. Can be limited to a particular task or time period. - **Continuing power of attorney**: Allows your attorney to continue managing your finances and property even if you become mentally incapable to do so. Can start immediately or come into effect when you become mentally incapable. ### **3. MLS (Multiple Listing Service)** MLS (Multiple Listing Service) is a database of properties for sale or rent, maintained by real estate agents and brokers. - It allows agents to share information about properties with other agents in their area, increasing the chances of a sale or lease. - MLS data is only available to real estate agents and brokers who are members of the service. - It includes detailed information about properties, including photographs, prices, and descriptions. - MLS can be a powerful tool for buyers, sellers, and real estate professionals to find and market properties. ### **4. CCIM (Certified commercial investment member)** CCIM (Certified Commercial Investment Member) is a professional designation for commercial real estate professionals. - It is awarded by the CCIM Institute after completing education and demonstrating experience. - Recognized as mark of expertise in commercial and investment real estate. - Only held by a select group of professionals. - CCIMs are trained to analyze investment opportunities. ### **5. CPM (Certified Property Manager)** CPM (Certified Property Manager) is a professional designation for property management professionals. - It is awarded by the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) after individuals complete a rigorous education curriculum and demonstrate their experience in property management. - The CPM designation is recognized as a mark of expertise in the property management industry. - Only held by a select group of professionals. - CPMs are trained to manage and maintain properties effectively and efficiently. ### **6. CMA (Comparative Market Analysis)** CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) is a report that compares a property to similar properties in the same area. - It is used to determine a property's estimated value, and to help with pricing decisions when buying or selling a property. - A CMA includes information about recent sales and current listings of similar properties. - It also includes information about market trends, such as average days on market and sale-to-list price ratios. - CMA is a helpful tool for both sellers and buyers to have a better understanding of the market and make informed decisions. ### **7. CRE (Commercial Real Estate)** CRE (Commercial Real Estate) refers to properties used for business or investment purposes. - It includes properties such as office buildings, retail centers, industrial warehouses, and multifamily apartments. - CRE transactions are generally more complex and involve more money compared to residential real estate transactions. - CRE professionals such as brokers, investors, and property managers have specialized knowledge and skills to navigate the market. - CRE can also include special purpose properties such as hotels, hospitals, and self-storage facilities. ### **8. CAC (Central Air-Conditioning)** CAC (Central Air-Conditioning) is a type of air conditioning system that cools a building or home by circulating chilled air through ductwork. - It typically uses a central unit, such as a furnace, to cool the air and distribute it throughout the building. - CAC systems are often more efficient and can cool larger areas compared to individual room air conditioners. - It can also improve air quality by filtering and circulating air throughout the building. - CAC systems require regular maintenance to ensure they are functioning properly and efficiently. ### **9. COI (Certificate of Insurance)** A Certificate of Insurance (COI) is a document that verifies that a specific insurance policy is in effect and provides details on the coverage provided. - COIs are typically issued by insurance companies or their agents and are used to provide proof of insurance to third parties, such as lenders or landlords. - COI includes: insured name, policy number, coverage type/limits, and insurance company/agent contact information. - Some COIs may also include additional information, such as endorsements or exclusions to the policy. - COIs are not the same as the insurance policy itself and do not provide all of the terms, conditions, and exclusions of the policy. ### **10. CMHC (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation)** Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) is a Crown corporation of the Government of Canada. - Its primary function is to provide mortgage loan insurance to Canadian banks and other lending institutions. - This insurance helps protect lenders against losses if a borrower defaults on a mortgage loan. - CMHC also conducts research and provides information on housing markets and trends, as well as housing-related programs and services. - CMHC is funded by premiums paid by borrowers who take out mortgage loans that are insured by the corporation. ### **11. CMA (Comparative Market Analysis)** A [Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)](https://getnewhouse.ca/article/what-is-cma-in-real-estate-canada) is a report that compares a property to similar properties that have recently sold or are currently on the market. - It is used by real estate agents, appraisers, and homeowners to estimate the fair market value of a property. - A CMA typically includes information such as the property's location, size, condition, and features as well as information on comparable properties, including their sale prices and other relevant details. - It is based on recent sales data, it helps in determining the current market value of a property - It is used to set the price for a property that is for sale or to be appraised. - A CMA can also be used to evaluate the potential return on investment for a rental property or a fix and flip investment. ### **12. ARV (After Repair Value)** After Repair Value (ARV) is a term used in real estate investing to refer to the estimated market value of a property after any necessary repairs or renovations have been completed - It is used to determine the potential profitability of a fix-and-flip investment or the maximum purchase price for a property being considered for a rental or rehab project. - ARV is calculated by taking the estimated market value of a property in its current condition, subtracting the cost of repairs and renovations, and then adding any potential value-adds such as an addition or a finished basement. - It is an estimate of the potential of the property in the future after the repairs are done - It helps in determining the maximum amount to be spent on the renovation and property purchase, so it doesn't exceed the potential value of the property after renovation. ### **13. LTV (Loan to Value)** Loan-to-value (LTV) is a ratio used in the mortgage industry to indicate the size of a loan compared to the value of the property being used as collateral. - It is calculated by dividing the loan amount by the value of the property. - It is used by lenders to determine the risk of a loan and the creditworthiness of a borrower. - A higher LTV ratio indicates a higher risk to the lender, as the borrower has less equity in the property. - LTV is used to determine the minimum down payment, interest rate, and maximum loan amount - Lenders usually have different LTV ratios for different types of properties and loans. - A high LTV ratio may require a higher interest rate or mortgage insurance. ### **14. Cap Rate** The Capitalization Rate, or Cap Rate, is a measure used in real estate investing to indicate the rate of return on a property based on its income and purchase price. - It is calculated by dividing the property's net operating income by its current market value or purchase price. - Cap Rate is a metric used to compare the potential returns of different properties. - A higher cap rate indicates a higher return on investment, and a lower cap rate indicates a lower return. - Cap rate is used to evaluate the performance of a property and its potential as an investment. - Cap rate can be used to compare the yields of different properties and areas, even though it is a ratio, it does not take into account the cost of debt. ### **15. GDS (Gross Debt Service)** Gross Debt Service (GDS) ratio is a measure used by mortgage lenders to determine a borrower's ability to afford the mortgage payments on a property. - It is calculated by dividing the total mortgage payments, including principal, interest, property taxes, and heating costs, by the borrower's gross income. - GDS is one of the two ratios used to qualify borrowers, the other being TDS (Total Debt Service). - It is used to evaluate the borrower's ability to meet the housing cost, it is usually expressed as a percentage. - Lenders usually have a maximum GDS ratio, typically between 31% and 39% - A high GDS ratio may indicate that a borrower is over-extended and may have difficulty making mortgage payments. - A low GDS ratio may indicate that a borrower has a lower risk of defaulting on the loan. ### **16. TDS (Total Debt Service)** Total Debt Service (TDS) ratio is a measure used by mortgage lenders to determine a borrower's overall ability to afford the mortgage payments on a property, as well as their other debts and expenses. - It is calculated by dividing the total monthly debt payments, including mortgage payments, credit card payments, car loans, and any other debts, by the borrower's gross income. - TDS is one of the two ratios used to qualify borrowers, the other being GDS (Gross Debt Service). - Lenders usually have a maximum TDS ratio, typically between 42% and 44% - A high TDS ratio may indicate that a borrower is over-extended and may have difficulty making mortgage payments and other debts. - A low TDS ratio may indicate that a borrower has a lower risk of defaulting on the loan and other debts. ### **17. JT (Joint Tenancy)** Joint Tenancy is a type of co-ownership of property where two or more individuals own the property together. - Each owner holds an equal and undivided interest in the property. - Joint tenants have the right of survivorship, meaning that if one of the owners passes away, their interest in the property passes automatically to the remaining owners. - In a joint tenancy, all parties have equal rights and responsibilities on the property - Each joint tenant has the right to use the entire property. - All the parties need to agree to sell the property or make any changes to it. - In case of death, the share of the deceased tenant automatically goes to the surviving tenant/s. ### **18. TIC (Tenancy in Common)** Tenancy in Common (TIC) is a type of co-ownership of property where two or more individuals own the property together, but each has a distinct and separate share of the property. - No right of survivorship, meaning if one owner dies, their share does not automatically pass to the remaining owners. - Allows multiple parties to invest in real estate together or pass assets onto beneficiaries. - Each tenant owns a specific percentage of the property and can sell or dispose of their share. - Tenants have right to use entire property, but cannot sell or make changes without agreement of other tenants. - In case of death, share is passed on according to will or testamentary disposition, not automatically to surviving tenants. - Different from Joint Tenancy which has equal shares and right of survivorship. ### **19. Lien** - A lien is a legal claim on a property that gives a lender or other creditor the right to seize the property if the borrower or property owner fails to fulfill their obligation. - Liens can be placed on property for unpaid debts, taxes, or other financial obligations. - Liens can be either voluntary, such as a mortgage, or involuntary, such as a judgment lien. - Liens are recorded in the public records, this means that they are visible to anyone who searches. the records. - When the property is sold, the lien must be paid off before the sale can be completed. - If the lien is not paid off the property may be foreclosed or seized by the creditor. ### **20. Ontario Agreement of Purchase and Sale** The Agreement of Purchase and Sale (APS) is a legally binding contract between a buyer and a seller for the purchase of a property in the province of Ontario, Canada. - Outlines terms and conditions including purchase price, closing date, and contingencies. - Prepared by a real estate agent or lawyer, reviewed and signed by both parties, and a copy provided to each. - Includes schedule of chattels and fixtures, closing date, and contingencies, if any. - Legally binding contract, both parties have legal obligations and rights related to the sale. - Buyer typically pays deposit held in trust until closing. - Starting point for completion of sale transaction and ownership transfer. ## Knowing the Canadian Real Estate Concepts The understanding of the real estate terms specific to Canada is essential for home buyers, sellers and agents in order to navigate the market and make informed decisions. Being familiar with terms such as CMHC, ARV, LTV, Cap Rate, GDS, TDS, JT, TIC, CMA, APS, and others, can help you understand the mortgage process, evaluate properties, and negotiate the terms of a sale. Whether you're a [first-time home buyer](https://getnewhouse.ca/blog/renting-vs-buying-home-canada-better), an experienced investor, or a real estate agent, having a solid understanding of these terms will help you make the most of the Canadian real estate market. Did we miss any important term here? Do you wish to include any other interesting concept on real estate in Canada, do comment and share your views.

Is construction completed in Verdon Collection in Orangeville, Canada?

The Verdon Estates Collection, a luxurious single-family home development by Stonebridge Building Group Inc., promises an unparalleled living experience nestled in the serene landscapes of Dufferin County Road 16, Amaranth, Ontario. With over 100 acres of rolling hills and woodlands, this community embraces the perfect blend of country living and urban convenience, just minutes away from Orangeville. Let's explore the current status of construction at The Verdon Estates Collection. ## Is construction completed in Verdon Collection in Orangeville, Canada? As of now, The Verdon Estates Collection is still in the preconstruction phase. The development is actively underway, with builders and architects working diligently to bring this visionary project to life. However, the completion date is yet to be determined, as the builders focus on ensuring every detail is meticulously curated to create a haven of luxurious living. ## Amenities and Lifestyle in Verdon Collection The Verdon Estates Collection offers a range of amenities that cater to residents' diverse lifestyles. The clubhouse promises leisurely afternoons, while the inviting swimming pool provides a refreshing retreat during warmer days. Families with children will appreciate the well-designed playground, where laughter and joy fill the air. Additionally, being a pet-friendly community, The Verdon Estates Collection warmly welcomes furry friends into the fold, adding to the warmth and sense of belonging. ## Location, Convenience, and Tranquility: The location of The Verdon Estates Collection is undeniably ideal. Situated near Orangeville, residents enjoy easy access to shopping, dining, and entertainment options. However, the community's real charm lies in its tranquility and proximity to nature. Amidst the breathtaking countryside views, residents can breathe in the fresh country air and relish the simple joys life has to offer. ## Construction status of Verdon Collection While The Verdon Estates Collection by Stonebridge Building Group Inc. is still in its preconstruction phase, the vision for this exclusive community is well underway. Soon, 32 thoughtfully designed single-family homes will stand as a testament to harmonious living in the heart of nature. Residents can anticipate a life of unparalleled elegance, embracing the beauty of nature, fostering a warm community spirit, and creating cherished memories at The Verdon Estates Collection. Stay tuned for updates on the completion date, and prepare to experience the epitome of luxurious country living in Orangeville, Canada.

5 Best Handyman Services Apps in Canada 2023

Are you tired of dealing with the stress and frustration of finding reliable handyman services for your home repairs? Look no further! The top 5 best handyman services apps in Canada are here to revolutionize your approach to home repairs and renovations. With just a tap, professional and efficient handymen are readily available to tackle any task, making home repairs a seamless reality. It's time to upgrade your home repair game and basket in the glory of a job well done, every time. Say farewell to frustration and hello to a new era of convenience. So, don't wait any longer, explore the top 5 best handyman services apps in Canada here! ## How do on-demand Handyman Apps work? On-demand handyman apps work by connecting customers with local, qualified handymen for home repair and improvement services. Customers can use the app to browse a list of services offered, choose the desired service, select a date and time for the appointment, and pay for the service directly through the app. Handymen use the app to receive job requests and communicate with customers. The app typically verifies the handyman's qualifications, insurance, and background information to ensure a safe and high-quality service experience. With the convenience of on-demand apps, customers can easily find and book reliable handymen for their home repair needs. ## 5 Best Handyman Services Apps in Canada In Canada, there are a number of handyman services apps available, offering a convenient and efficient way to connect with skilled tradespeople in your area. Here are five of the best handyman services apps in Canada: ## 1. TaskRabbit TaskRabbit is a platform that connects you with local tradespeople for various home services, including handyman services. The app makes it easy to find and book a handyman for your home repairs and maintenance needs. Here are some key features of TaskRabbit: **Wide range of home repair and maintenance services**: TaskRabbit offers a wide range of home services, including handyman services, furniture assembly, cleaning, and more. **Online payment system:** TaskRabbit has an online payment system that allows you to pay for the services you receive through the app, making the process convenient and secure. **Customer reviews and ratings:** TaskRabbit allows customers to leave reviews and ratings for the tradespeople they hire, giving you a better idea of the quality of work you can expect. **In-app messaging:** You can communicate with the handyman directly through the app, making it easy to ask questions and get the information you need. **Guaranteed work quality:** TaskRabbit offers a guarantee on the quality of work provided by its tradespeople, giving you peace of mind when booking a handyman through the app. **Easy booking process:** TaskRabbit makes it easy to book a handyman, with just a few taps on the app. ## 2. [Urban Tasker](https://urbantasker.com/) Urban Tasker is a fast-growing and emerging home services platform that allows you to find local and trusted help for your day to day tasks and home projects. With Urban Tasker, you can book services for tasks such as assembling furniture, electrical fittings, plumbing, cleaning, lawn care, moving, other handyman services, and much more. Here are some of the key features and benefits of using : **Local and trusted help:** Urban Tasker only works with local and trusted professionals, so you can feel confident that you're getting the best quality of service. **Quality assurance:** This online platform is dedicated to ensuring that you're completely satisfied with your service. They offer a quality assurance guarantee to give you peace of mind. **Get An Instant Quote Estimation:** With the price estimation tool, you can get an instant quote for the task you need done, making it easy to budget and plan for the services you need. Moreover, you can compare different quotes and select the best one that fits in your budget. ## 3. Handy Handy is a home services platform that connects customers with skilled and vetted tradespeople for various home services, including handyman services. With Handy, you can book a handyman with just a few taps on the app, making it easy to get your home repairs and maintenance tasks done quickly and efficiently. Here are some of the key features offered by Handy: **Top-rated professionals:** Handy professionals are experienced, friendly, background-checked, and insured. You can be confident that you are hiring a skilled and trustworthy tradesperson for your home services. **Next-day availability:** Appointments are available 7 days a week, making it easy to book a handyman when you need one. **Handy Happiness Guarantee:** Handy is dedicated to customer satisfaction, and if you're not happy with the services you receive, the company will work to make it right. **24/7 customer service:** Handy offers 24/7 customer service, so you can get help and support whenever you need it. **Wide range of services:** Handy professionals provide a variety of home services, including home cleaning, office cleaning, handyman services, plumbing services, and electrical services. **Easy booking and payment process:** You can book a handyman through the app and pay for the services you receive securely and conveniently. **In-app messaging and booking management:** You can communicate with the handyman directly through the app and manage your bookings on the go. ## 4. Jiffy Jiffy is also a home services platform that provides a convenient way to book quick and small jobs around the house. With Jiffy, you can get access to vetted and insured professionals for various home services, including handyman services, cleaning, and home renovations. Jiffy is currently available in Toronto, Ottawa making it easy to find the help you need no matter where you are. Here are some of the key features and benefits of using Jiffy On Demand: **Reliable professionals:** Jiffy only works with experienced, insured, and reliable professionals to ensure the best quality of service. **Wide range of services:** Jiffy offers a variety of services, including handyman services, cleaning, home renovations, and more. You can easily find the right professional for your project. **Affordable pricing:** Jiffy also offers competitive pricing on all of its services, so you can get the help you need without overspending. **Easy booking process:** You can book services through the Jiffy On Demand app or website, making it quick and convenient to get the help you need. **Instant quotes:** Get instant quotes on all services, so you can compare prices and make an informed decision. ## 5. Mr. Handyman Mr. Handyman is a well-known handyman service in Canada that offers a wide range of home repair and maintenance services. The Mr. Handyman app makes it easy to book a handyman for your home repairs, and the company's reputation for quality and reliability makes it a popular option for those in need of a handyman. Mr Handyman is part of the Neighborly family of home services companies. In addition to painting, they offer a range of home maintenance and repair solutions. You can easily access their services through their website or by downloading the Neighborly - Local Home Repair app, available on both Google Play Store and the App Store. The app has received high ratings, with an average of 4.1 stars on the Play Store and 4.9 stars on the App Store. Some of the benefits of using Mr. Handyman services include: **Experienced professionals**: Mr. Handyman's technicians are experienced, skilled, and knowledgeable in all aspects of home repair and improvement. **Wide range of services:** Mr. Handyman offers a comprehensive range of services, including home repairs, renovations, and installations. **Quality workmanship:** Mr. Handyman guarantees quality workmanship and a commitment to customer satisfaction. **Convenient scheduling:** Mr. Handyman offers flexible scheduling to meet the needs of their customers. **Customer-focused service:** Mr. Handyman is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and ensuring customer satisfaction. You may also like to explore [Best Cities to Live in Ontario, Canada](https://getnewhouse.ca/blog/top-10-best-cities-to-live-in-ontario-canada) ## Handyman Services Apps Canada On demand handyman apps provide a convenient and efficient solution for Canadians looking to tackle home maintenance and repair tasks. From basic home cleaning to more complex projects, these apps connect customers with fully vetted and insured pros in just a few taps. Additionally, customers can also avail these services through the websites of these companies, offering a comprehensive solution for all home maintenance needs.

Is Timber Trails in Clarington, Ontario a good housing project to invest in?

If you're considering investing in a housing project, Timber Trails in Clarington, Ontario should definitely be on your radar. This exceptional development offers a multitude of reasons why it's a smart investment choice. Let's explore some of the compelling factors that make Timber Trails stand out among the rest. ## Is Timber Trails in Clarington, Ontario a good housing project to invest in? Absolutely! Timber Trails in Clarington, Ontario is a fantastic housing project to invest in. Why? Well, for starters, it's being developed by Farsight Homes, a trusted builder renowned for their top-notch craftsmanship. You can expect spacious, thoughtfully designed homes with attractive features that will surely catch the attention of potential buyers. Plus, with a reliable warranty, you can rest easy knowing your investment is protected. **Here are some of the reasons why Timber Trails is a good investment:** **1. Location, Location, Location**: Timber Trails boasts a strategic location that offers a perfect balance of tranquility and convenience. You'll enjoy the serene surroundings while having easy access to amenities, schools, and major highways. It's the ideal living environment for both residents and investors. **2. Growing Demand**: Clarington, Ontario is experiencing steady population growth, thanks to its desirable quality of life and affordable housing options. By investing in Timber Trails, you can capitalize on this increasing demand for housing and secure a solid return on your investment. It's a win-win situation. **3. Quality Construction and Design**: Developed by FarSight Homes, known for their commitment to craftsmanship, Timber Trails guarantees quality and durability. The superior construction and attention to detail increase the desirability and value of the homes, making them an excellent investment choice. **4. Amenities and Lifestyle**: Timber Trails offers a range of amenities that enhance the community's appeal and lifestyle. From parks and playgrounds to walking trails and a community pool, residents will enjoy a vibrant and fulfilling lifestyle. This, in turn, makes Timber Trails an attractive choice for homeowners and renters alike. ## Timber Trails in Clarington, Ontario a good housing project to invest in Timber Trails in Clarington, Ontario is an excellent housing project to invest in. With its strategic location, growing demand, quality construction, and appealing amenities, it offers a promising investment opportunity for those seeking a desirable home and a solid return on their investment. Don't miss out on the chance to be part of this exceptional community. Your dream investment awaits!

Is Newbrook project offering townhomes and single family homes both?

Newbrook is a new development by Brookfield Residential currently under construction at Beaver Street South, that is generating a buzz in Newcastle as families are eager to find out more about the community. One question on the minds of many is whether Newbrook is offering both townhomes and single family homes. So, here, we'll find out the answer to this question and what it means for families looking for their next home. ## Is Newbrook project offering townhomes and single family homes both? The answer is yes, Newbrook is offering both townhomes as well as single family homes. For families who are looking for low-maintenance living without sacrificing space or comfort, they can go for townhouses. And for larger families who need more space and privacy, the single family homes at Newbrook are the best option they can get here. ## What Will It Cost for a single family home or a townhouse? Currently, the pricing information for Newbrook has not been revealed publicly. But families who are interested in the development can still register to receive updates about the pricing and other features. What Else Can You Find at Newbrook? In addition to its range of homes, Newbrook also offers an array of amenities that make it the perfect family community. The development includes a park, trails, and a playground, providing ample opportunities for outdoor recreation and exploration. Families who enjoy spending time outdoors will love the convenience of having these amenities right on their doorstep. ## Newbrook project offering townhomes and single family homes! Newbrook is a great place for families in Newcastle looking for a new home. It has townhomes and single family homes with modern finishes and open-concept layouts. There are also lots of amenities like parks, trails, and playgrounds for all to enjoy. Register early to get your preferred lot and home design. Your family will love living in this welcoming community!

When is the Umbra launching? or Can we book condos/houses in Umbra?

Are you looking for a dream home? Then Umbra can be yours! This upcoming residential project creating a lot of buzz and excitement among homebuyers, and it's not hard to see why so. Featuring a 6-storey building with 172 condominiums and 47 two-storey townhouses, Umbra's modern architecture and state-of-the-art amenities are sure to impress even the most discerning buyers too! Now, you must be excited to know about the launch date and advance booking. Don't worry, here we have covered all this. ## When will Umbra be launched? According to the official site, Umbra is expected to be completed in 2026. Although, the launch date has not been officially announced yet, but the registration process is currently underway for the interested buyers . They can register their interest and stay updated on the latest developments by visiting the project's official website. ## Can we book condos/houses in Umbra? As of now, bookings for condos and houses in Umbra have not yet started. However, interested buyers can register their interest on the official website and receive updates on when bookings will open. But, it is important to keep in mind that demand for this properties is very high and it's obvious that bookings are expected to sell out quickly once they open. ## Why there is huge demand for Umbra? The high demand of the Umbra is because of many things like- - Location- The townhouse is located close to all the amenities that the city has to offer, making it a perfect place for people to work, shop, and have fun. - Modern Design- This is really one thing that makes it different from all. From the modern designs to the mesmerizing interior, it has everything to make you life a luxurious one. - Amenities- When it comes to amenities then this townhouse is giving everything extra. Residents can have access to Walking trails, Playgrounds, Bike Lanes, Park, EV Charging, Lawns and many more. ## When is the Umbra launching? or Can we book condos/houses in Umbra? The Umbra project is set to be completed in 2026. Although bookings for condos and houses are not yet open, interested buyers can register on the project's website to receive updates.

Is construction completed in Woodstock Gardens in Paradise, NL, Canada?

Woodstock Gardens, the latest development by Donovan Homes in Paradise, NL, Canada, has garnered significant attention. Boasting an exclusive and serene cul-de-sac with 26 well-designed lots, the project is nearing completion. Let's explore the current construction status, expected completion date, and the exceptional features that await prospective homeowners. ## Construction status of Woodstock Gardens Construction at Woodstock Gardens started in 2018 and is now in its final stages. Donovan Homes has put great effort into creating homes that exude comfort and sophistication. These contemporary havens are tailored to meet your family's needs with carefully curated standard features. ## Expected Completion Date of Woodstock Gardens With finishing touches underway, Woodstock Gardens is ready to welcome its first residents in 2023. The construction will be fully completed in the coming weeks, allowing you to move in and embrace your new lifestyle. ## Exceptional Features Offered by Woodstock Gardens Woodstock Gardens boasts an impressive array of standard features designed to enhance comfort and style. Each residence comes equipped with Atlantic Windows vinyl casement windows with screens, allowing for a pleasant breeze while keeping pests outside. Additionally, exterior wood walls with R22 insulation and insulated concrete foundation walls (R16) ensure year-round comfort. The interior features colonial trim throughout, complemented by colonial doors and a choice of elegant brass or pewter interior door hardware. Safety and reliability are paramount, with a circuit breaker panel meeting utility authority standards, ensuring a dependable electrical system. ## Is construction completed in Woodstock Gardens in Paradise, NL, Canada? No, the construction of Woodstock Gardens in Paradise, NL, Canada, hasn't been completed yet. But the project is on the verge of completion. So, to stay up to date on Woodstock Gardens updates, keep an eye on this page.

When is Broadway Glen in Orangeville project geting ready?

Are you excited about the upcoming Broadway Glen townhome community in Orangeville? Don't worry, you're not alone! Because a lots of people are in the queue and waiting to move into this luxurious community as soon as they can. So, let's find out whether it's already completed or yet to begin. ## When Will Broadway Glen Be Ready for Occupancy? The exact completion date for Broadway Glen has not yet been announced. As of now, the developer has only provided the information about the location of the project and the features that it will have. But, one thing is clear that the project has not started yet. But, don't worry, as soon as the dates are announced, we will update you here. So, please keep an close eye here as well as on the official website of the developers so that you will get to know when it is ready. ## What Can You Expect from the Townhomes? Broadway Glen townhomes will offer beautiful and soothing interiors with high-end finishes and modern designs. You'll love the open-concept living spaces, large windows, and storage inside these townhouses. The townhouses will be designed keeping your comfort and convenience in mind and features like in-suite laundry and private balconies will also be there. Apart from this, the greenery and walking trails to the nearby downtown Orangeville, will make you feel close to the nature. The community will also offers underground parking, so you don't have to worry about finding a place to park your vehicles. ## How Can You Secure Your Dream Home in Broadway Glen? As the completion date is yet to be announced, so, it's important to act fast to secure your dream home in Broadway Glen. You just Keep an eye here and also on the official website for updates on the completion date so that you don't miss the chance to stay here.

Are pre construction condos cheaper in Ontario?

The typical cost of a condo in Ontario is just over $580,000, which is fairly high for a state with a thriving real estate market like Ontario. When purchasing a condo in Ontario, you have two different options: pre-construction and resale. A resale condo is one that is already built and move-in ready. A pre-construction condominium, on the other hand, is one you purchase before the building is finished. Each option has pros and cons depending on your financial situation and/or situational needs. In order to assist buyers today, we will see whether pre-construction condos are cheaper in Ontario or not. ## Are pre construction condos cheaper in Ontario? **Pre-sale condominiums in Ontario are more expensive** than resale condominiums because there are more pre-construction investment condos being built which has increased construction costs. The Pre-construction condos in the region cost $1300 per square foot, while resale condos cost roughly $1000 per square foot. The cost of pre-construction condo investments was typically lower than that of their resale counterparts only a few years ago. This is the reason the pre-construction condo market has a solid reputation for being a reasonable choice for investors. But now the price of pre-construction real estate is quickly surpassing that of resale due to a simple case of supply and demand. ## Pros and Cons of buying pre-construction condos The main benefit of purchasing a condo that has already been built is that you have more time to save money for it. The down payment is split up into several installments that you give to the builder as a deposit; the remaining money is not due until the project is finished, which can take anywhere between two and five years. On the other hand, delays are a common occurrence in all forms of construction. Your condo's completion may take longer than expected. Additionally, GST, which is an additional 5% at completion, will be applied to the pre-construction condo sale.

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